Read before placing an order

1. Overview
These General Terms and Conditions of Sale will legally govern any provision of services by

2. Quote
For any request for the provision of any service, a free quote, without commitment, will be issued and will be sent by e-mail and will be valid for one month from the date of issue.
This quote shall include the description of the service, rate, deadline and payment terms, as well as any other particular remarks previously agreed with the customer.

3. Order
In order to place an order, the customer shall access the e-mail containing the quote and click on the “Order” button. This action will imply its acceptance. The customer is then redirected to a payment page where he/she will have to accept these General Terms & Conditions of Sale, checking the appropriate box, and make the full payment of the service by credit card or bank transfer.
The fact of validating the quote means signing and accepting the prices, services and deadlines stated in it and his acceptance of the General Terms & Conditions of Sale.
The services requested will be undertaken only after the full payment of the quote is made by the customer, and has been received in’s bank account.

4. Payment
Payment methods –
The payment can be made by credit card o bank transfer.
Storage – Computerized records stored in monfranç’s computer systems under the reasonable security conditions will be considered as evidence of communication, orders and payments made between the parties. Purchase orders and invoices are kept in reliable and durable support, and may be presented as evidence.
Litigation – reserves the right to refuse providing services to a customer against which there might be any pending litigation regarding payments. will not make any reimbursement after providing the service, that is, after starting the requested service.

5. Special conditions
In case of important activities or long-term services, different conditions may be applied, which will be included in the quote.

6. Invoices and VAT
Any service will imply issuing an invoice, which will be sent to the customer by e-mail.
VAT is not included for Proofreading services and for Private classes.
Only Translation services include VAT, and exclusively in the following cases:
– for individual customers from the Euro zone,
– for professional and corporate customers registered in Spain.
The applicable VAT is the Spanish IVA, which is 21% in 2020.

7. Retractation or cancellation
Legal right –
The customer has a legal right to withdraw for fourteen calendar days from the order date, which allows him/her to request the order cancellation by e-mail within that period.
Exception – However, this right of withdrawal may not be exercised in the event of contracts for the provision of services whose performance has started before the fourteen-calendar-day legal, with the consent of the customer. The customer shall make his/her choice to that effect in the order form.

8. Period for rendering the services
The period within which the services quoted shall be provided will count from the date when the payment and all the documents and data required to execute the order are received. The execution term is subject to any exceptional circumstances that may render the service unavailable.
Urgent orders – When requesting a quote, the customer may request a shorter execution period, which would imply an increase of 20% to 40 % on the standard rate.
Additionally, if exceptionally, the customer would like to request a shorter execution period, after having placed his/her order, the customer must notify by e-mail as soon as possible. And if the’s schedule allows it, a second quotewill be issued covering the amount increased, which shall be paid by the customer through the order form available from our website, with the same payment conditions as the original order.
Cases of force majeure – In cases of force majeure, reserves the right to extend the deadline stated in the quoteafter informing the customer thereof, and is committed to make the best efforts to reach a new satisfactory agreement. The customer may accept the new proposed deadline or cancel his/her order. In this second case, is committed to refund the amount of the order after proportionally deducting the services already performed. This refund will be made only by bank transfer within one month, after deducting any eventual bank charges.

9. Delivery of work
Unless agreed otherwise in the quote, the works will be delivered by e-mail.
From the date the customer has received the work, he/she has a period of 72 hours to notify of any issues. Once this period has expired, the delivered document will be deemed at the customer’s full satisfaction.

10. Requests for changes in the work
During the execution of the order, any requests for modification or adjustment of the work being performed by the customer will imply issuing a new quote.
After placing his/her order, the customer may request to make some adjustments, but limited to once. These adjustments shall be of minor nature and may not contain new items in relation to the initial quote.
Once the 72-hour-period has expired, any requests for changes in the works being executed will not be made, unless a new quoteis issued and, therefore, a new order is placed.

11. Rates
Rates are free and can be reviewed at any time without justification.
However, the rates applied to the customer are those defined in the quoteand are valid for one month from the date of issue thereof.

12. General conditions of sale reserves the right to adapt or amend these General Terms & Conditions of Sale at any time. His applicable version is the one appearing online when the customer places his/her order on the website. It will be the customer’s responsibility to examine and approve it upon ordering.

13. Confidentiality undertakes to not disclose any details of the nature or content of the documents provided in the context of services. For reasons of confidentiality, any data are confidential and cannot be transferred to third parties under any circumstances. In case that needed to disclose certain works on the website as examples of execution, would request the customer’s prior written consent and any identifying data would be removed.

14. Property of works
Works and copyrights will remain being the property of up to delivers all the documents to the customer.

15. Storage
Unless otherwise requested by the customer, will keep the documents of the latter for three months and subsequently will destroy them.

16. Responsibility undertakes an obligation of means, but not an obligation of results. also agrees to use all available means to provide the service requested. But in case its liability is compromised, it would be strictly limited to the amount of the order. does not accept any liability for the use of the work or its content, neither for any modifications made by the customer once the document is delivered. cannot be deemed liable for any issues related to possible files incompatibility or Internet connection failure. will strive to maintain their website available everyday for 24 hours a day, but will not be obliged to do so. Access to the website may be interrupted for technical reasons, but may not be held liable for that reason.

17. Ethics reserves the right to reject, without justification, any quote request from a client if deems the elements provided are not enough to offer a quality work.
In addition, reserves the right to refuse treating any text or document that could be contrary to morality or the current legislation.

18. Litigation
These General Terms & Conditions of Sale will be governed by the Spanish Law.
In case of dissatisfaction, the customer shall contact by e-mail within 72 hours after receiving the order to arrange a friendly settlement. Email address:
Otherwise, any eventual litigation will be settled by the exclusive competence of the Courts that correspond to’s headquarters, which are the Courts of Estepona, Málaga, whatever the place of delivery of the work is.