MaPlume -which means “my pen”- was born of my passion for the French language and of my desire to help those who need it to express themselves clearly.


My mission

  • To help those who request it, to produce high quality written French

I provide with the quality of my written skills and my mastery of the French language and the communication techniques to those, native French-speakers as well as no French-speakers, who need to write in French, for personal or professional reasons.

My project

=>  To enable you to make a good impression of yourself through your writing, among other things, producing texts without spelling mistakes,
=>  To enable those who have things to say but who don’t know how to write it, to express themselves in a clear and structured way, and therefore to be heard, understood and respected,
=>  To enable non-native French speakers to communicate in French and thus seizing new opportunities for partnerships, business or exchange in order to extend their professional or personal networks.


  • To contribute to the protection and respect of the French language

With this activity, I contribute to the protection of the global linguistic and cultural richness by taking care and respecting the language I master: the French language.

My ambition

=>  To be able to read and communicate in a beautiful French, which means with a perfect spelling, a correct syntax and a quality style,
=>  To encourage to preserve the cultural heritage which is the French language, while letting it evolve, but protecting it from massive invasions from other languages, from a rapid linguistic impoverishment and from a unprecedented spelling massacre…,
=>  Leading by example, to encourage protecting and respecting the other languages, which could be either national, dialectal, ancient or oral, because they all represent one of humanity’s greatest treasures.



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