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Let’s discover the 3 types of services I’m offering: Proofreading, Writing, Translation.


Proofreading is the « technical » correction of a writing, that is to say the correction of the spelling, the punctuation, the syntax, the wording and the style. In Proofreading, I don’t work on the content, but just on the form.

Reminder: I only intervene on French-written texts.

Depending on your needs and goals, you can choose between 2 levels of Proofreading:


Standard Proofreading

I proofread your French-written texts, correct the spelling and rewrite certain passages if needed. RESULT: your texts are clean, with no mistake and written in a perfect French.

  • Correction for SPELLING mistakes and for grammar, syntax, conjugation
  • Correction for SPACE between words (too much or missing)
  • Elimination of TYPING ERRORS
  • Correction for PUNCTUATION
  • Elimination of REPETITIONS and delition of redundancies
  • REWORDING of certain passages
  • Improvement of the STYLE and the wording
  • Adaptation of the LANGUAGE LEVEL depending on the context (target, audience)


Extensive Proofreading

In addition to all the Standard Proofreading services, I check and improve the page layout. RESULT: in addition to being clean, with no mistake and written in a perfect French, your texts are perfectly presented.

  • Improvement of the LAYOUT (paragraphs, spaces, bullet points)
  • HOMOGENIZATION of the text and the fonts (titles, body text, font size)
  • TYPOGRAPHY: Respect of the French Style Guide’s rules
  • Formatting TABLES (in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and on Web pages)




Writing services relate to the “linguistic” aspect of the writings, that is to say to the style, the language level, the organization and the structure of the ideas, the argumentation, the message and the communication.

I offer you 2 services, depending on how far your writing project is, but the FINAL RESULT is the same: your French-written documents, letters, articles, reports and web pages are clear, well drafted and impactful.


Complete Writing

I write entirely for you FROM YOUR IDEAS or from the information you provide us with.

  • I EXAMINE your request and your needs (by e-mail, by telephone or face-to-face)
  • I organize and STRUCTURE your information (documents, facts, ideas)
  • I DRAFT the text clearly and highlight the key points
  • I WRITE it in a style that suit your needs and preferences


Further Writing

We work on TEXTS YOU’VE ALREADY WRITTEN, entirely or partially.

  • I PROOFREAD your texts and correct the spelling, syntax, punctuation, etc.
  • I REWRITE some parts, if needed
  • I REORGANIZE the ideas
  • I RESTRUCTURE the text
  • I REWRITE the style
  • I REWRITE your text to lengthen or shorten it as required




Translating, it’s writing in a language a text written in another language. The translator has to stand out from the original text to keep only the ideas, the style and the impact and to rewrite it in the target language. The art of translation lies in the balance between: sticking with the original text and rewriting in the other language.

Two cases: or you have a text to translate, or you have an already translated text. That’s why I offer you 2 services, depending on how far your translating project is, but the RESULT is the same: your translations reflect perfectly the original text and seem to have been written originally in French.


Complete Translation

I translate your text entirely so that the impact on the reader, the audience or the recipient, is the same in both languages.



Translation Check

I work from texts that have already been translated, totally or partially. I proofread, correct and refine them so that the final version looks really French.


What about Spell checks?

Make no mistake: even the most sophisticated spell check can’t be considered as a mistake vacuum cleaner… At best, it’s a rake that will correct the easiest of them.
Technology is something nice, but there are areas where nothing can replace a human… 😉

« Spelling is a language’s politness. »
– Jean Géhenno

Importance of punctuation…

Let’s go and eat children!

Let’s go and eat, children!


Credential of a job on the layout I did for a client


A clear speech

We are living in a time when we are overwhelmed by information. That’s why we don’t want anymore to read series of empty and convoluted sentences making fuzzy ideas paragraphs and feeding into approximate reasoning…

To be read, respected and taken seriously, you need to have a clear speech. And, unless you are writing litterature, your message has to be efficient, concise and sober. Your audience will thank you…”

« What is clearly thought out is clearly expressed and the words to say it come easily. » – Boileau


Credential of a job on rewording an administrative letter for a client


Automatic translators?

Yes,of course, they’re helpful, and congratulations to these tools developers, it’s a good performance!
That being said, automatic translators remain computer programs and, because of that, have two limits:
on the form side, they don’t have any style, and their translations are mecanic and with many meaningless parts of sentences,
on the content side, they can’t interpret the text’s meaning and choose between different possible translations of a word.

« It’s not only the words that differ from one language to another, it’s also the ideas they represent, the ways of thinking and of saying. »
– François Bizot


Credential of translation of an article where the choice of words is significant. / really important.