On this page, I suggest you some useful links to know more about French language, French spelling, writing communication, learning foreign languages, etc.
Obviously, the following list is extensive, I keep on making it evoluate continuously. You can also help me extend it by sending me your suggestions to contact@maplume.online.
Thanks in advance!


Improvement of languages skills

Orthodidacte (pun with “autodidacte” which means “self-taught” and “ortho”, from “orthographe”, which means “spelling”) – It’s an online learning method for French spelling and grammar. Very well thought and designed, this e-learning plateform offers you a taylor-made program, based on a quick and fun evaluation test, that you can follow at your own pace. To be discovered!

Français facile (means “Easy French”) – A veritable goldmine… Numerous online exercises to train and progress in French. Suits as well for French native speakers as for those who are learning French as a foreign language.

Anglais facile, Espagnol facile, etc. (means “Easy English”, “Easy Spanish”, etc.) – Belonging to the same family as the wesite www.francaisfacile.com, theses websites work the same way: online exercises to revise, learn and improve your languages skills while having fun.
www.anglaisfacile.com  –  www.espagnolfacile.com

Conversation Exchange – Practice the foreign language you want by meeting native interlocutors in your neighbourhood. Excellent website that connects people speaking and looking for speaking the same languages!


Online tools

Synonymo – A well-done site where you will find what you’re looking for if you’re searching for… French synonyms!

Reverso – One of the best websites to look for the translation of a word from a language to another!

Linguee – A very good website to find the translation of a word or a sentence in a language depending on the context. Very useful!

Word reference – Exchange forum for all those who are looking for answers about words using, expressions, grammar rules, etc., in a language.


French language protection

Défense de la langue française (DLF) (means “Defense of the French language”) – This association created in 1958 aims to keep alive and to respect the French language. It works in that direction by, among other things, publications, events, petitions. You’ll find a lot of information of its website.

Le plein de fautes (means “Fill up with mistakes”) – This website is a «  collaborative body of spelling and grammatical denunciation » of the French language! 🙂 Go and have a look at it to read the lastest « findings » or to contribute to it…


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