Because depending on your profile, you have different expectations, I adapt to you in order to provide you with tailor-made services, as closed to your needs:

  • Self-employed, Company leaders, Merchants
  • Students
  • Companies/Employees
  • Personal life


You are a Self-employed, Free-lance, Merchant or Company leader…

… You want to expand your business to French-speakers costumers or to French-speaking countries?
… You need help to write perfectly in French your websites, articles or brochures because you know that it’s a window on your business?
… Or you have documents written in English or in Spanish that you would like to translate into French?

Why I can help you:

Aware of the fact that when you work for your own business you can’t take care of everything and you don’t have always somebody who can write for you, I want to offer you my collaboration. If you leave me your writings and websites in French, from simple proofreading to complete translation, you will get a peace of mind and could focus on your core business.

Examples of your needs:

Websites – Emails – Mailings – Corporate brochures – Various forms – Administrative and commercial letters – Press reviews – Adverts – Blogs – Articles – Prospectus – Restaurant menus – etc.


You are a Student…

… You are studying in a French-speaking country or you are studying French?
… You need proofreading for your homework, reports, thesis, etc. to check and correct spelling, grammar and style?

Why I can help you:

From my experience at Uni (4 years of Master’s in Sociology and 3 years of Master’s in Business Administration), I know what you’re expected in your studies, in your first steps in the professional world and in your everyday life. I know the requirements of teachers, training supervisors, thesis directors, recruiters, as well as the administrations’ meanderings that you may be discovering…

Examples of your needs:

Activity reports – Homework – Thesis – Important emails – Covering letters – Application forms – Administrative letters – Personal letters – etc.


You are a Company or you are Working in a company

… Your position requires you to write sometimes in French?
… You need somebody to correct the spelling and writing of your meeting minutes, reports, forms or important emails before sending them to your teams, colleagues, bosses, clients, etc.?
… You need help to structure and organize your written documents to make them flowing and hard-hitting/resonant?

Why I can help you:

My 10-year professional experience working in a big management consulting company made me work in many different companies. That’s where and how I developed high skills in getting to understand quickly every new environment and its issues. And that’s why I can support you, as I know very well the “corporate” language and expectations and adapt easily to your company’s specificities.

Examples of your needs:

Websites – Professional reports – Mails – Internal newsletters – Commercial letters – Emails – Meeting minutes – PowerPoint presentations – Excel files – Company newspapers – Intranets – Catalogues – Various forms – Business proposals – etc.


In your Personal life…

… For some reason, you need to write in French?
… You need help to write an important letter in order to be heard and understood: you need support to organize your ideas, structure your message and check the writing and spelling?
… Or you need to write a speech, an email or a personal letter in French, on the occasion of a small or a big event, such as a birthday, a wedding, a funeral, an anniversary, etc.?

Why I can help you:

For more than 15 years, I’ve been writing all kinds of everyday life written documents for people who are facing situations, sometimes light, such as wedding speeches, sometimes complex, such as legal problems. My attentive listening skills, in addition to the writing work that I provide to my clients give them the opportunity to take stock and come out with clear ideas!

Examples of your needs:

Administrative letters – Forms – Letters to children’s schools – etc.
Personal correspondence (declarations of love, neighbor problems,…) – Emails – Postcards – Speeches – Diaries – etc.


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